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Biersdorfer, J: iPod: The Missing Manual 11e
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Apple’s iPods continue to set the bar for media players, with bold new features like the Touch’s supersized screen and Siri voice control. But iPods still lack a guide to all their features. That’s where this full-color book comes in. It shows you how to play music, movies, and slideshows; shoot photos and videos; and navigate Apple's redesigned iTunes media-management program. The important stuff you need to know: * Fill it up. Load your iPod with music, photos, movies, TV shows, games, ebooks, and podcasts. * Manage your stuff. Download media and apps from the iTunes and App Stores, then organize your collection. * Tackle the Touch. Send email and instant messages, make FaceTime calls, and shoot photos and HD video with the Touch's 5-megapixel camera. * Go wireless. Use the Touch’s new iOS 6 software to sync content wirelessly. * Relish the Nano. Enjoy video and photos on the Nano’s new big screen, and chart your workouts with the Nike+ pedometer. * Master the Shuffle and Classic. Get mucho music on the little Shuffle, and use the Classic’s giant hard drive to tote around your audio and video collections. * Pump it up. Blast iPod tunes through your home and car stereo.

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