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Effects of multi-micronutrient mixture on pearl...
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This research work was carried out during summer 2017 at Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Anand Agricultural University , Anand. The present field trial consisting of 7 treatments with four replications. on the basis of present investigation, it appeared that soil application as per STV (Soil Test Value) or application of multi-micronutrient mixture (except Grade-I) were found significantly superior over control. Foliar application and soil application of multi-micronutrient mixture grades found comparable with STV indicated that chemical load can reduce without affecting the yield of pearl millet. Thus, the finding of the present study suggested that agronomic approach for yield and micronutrients concentration enhancement could be better accomplished by its supplementation through soil (basal) or foliar application (at 15, 30 and 45 DAT) of pearl millet.

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