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Radial Tonebone Headboness
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Switches two heads using one speaker cabinet Choice of direct or buffered input Digital micro-controlled relays for failsafe switchingSlingshot™ remote-controlled switching input Models for tube amps (VT), solid-state (SS) or both (TS) The Radial Headbone is an advanced ´head switching device´ that allows two different guitar amplifier heads to be used with a single speaker cabinet. With Headbone, one head could be used for rhythm while a second head could be used for soloing. With 100% discreet class-A circuitry and choice of either buffered or un-buffered inputs, the Headbone will be of particular interest for players that demand the utmost in tonal performance. The Headbone´s internal switching comprises a sequence of relays, photocells, and load resistors, all of which are controlled via a digitally programmed chip. Hit the footswitch and the Headbone toggles the guitar signal from one amp to the other, disconnects the speaker and diverts the signal to a load resister, reconnects the speaker to the second head and turns on the guitar, all in quick succession. The Headbone features SafeModeT whereby even when power is disconnected; the Headbone will automatically default to a ´head-1 to cabinet´ status, ensuring a constant load on the amplifier. To eliminate running guitar and speaker cables to-and-from the amplifier and the pedal board, the Headbone is equipped with SlingshotT, an easy to use remote control system that employs a standard foot switch to toggle the Headbone´s status from a remote pedal board. The Headbone is available in 3 models: The VT for two valve-tube heads; the SS for two solid-state heads; and the TS for Tube to solid state switching. Headbone. another Radial ´power tool´ for serious guitarists. The Radial Headbone combines simplicity with functionality. Hook-up was designed to be intuitive for all users, be they neophyte or experienced technician. Most will be able to connect and play through the unit with very little reference to the supplied user guide. In use, the Cabbone is a model of logical design and offers the professional guitarist the ultimate in creative options on stage through smooth and noise free amplifier switching. An on-board footswitch toggles between amp heads and large LED indicators monitors the current signal path. Tonebone´s versatile Slingshot™ system allows remote controlled switching between heads from any stage position (eg.: a pedalboard) using just regular ¼” to ¼” guitar cables.

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