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How to Give a Blow Job: A Guide to Performing O...
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Nichole Nichols has done it again with her no nonsense audiobook on how to give a blow job. Ever feel like pleasuring your male partner is more like a job than it should be? Well, Nichols pushes out old taboos and gives you the ultimate tools to make it work in your favor. Giving pleasure to your man should be an exciting and intimate journey as you give into pleasure and allow your man to feel what it´s like to be in heaven. Learn how to overcome your feels and find your comfort zone. Each chapter is laid out to give you several juicy tips on how to overcome the fear of going down on your partner - Nichols emphasizes that pleasure given is pleasure earned. And remember great service leads to a great sex afterwards! Women can get the best advice from the author who always promotes finding your comfort level along with exercising control over how you want to please your partner. Fulfill your man´s unspoken deepest desires while boosting his confidence AND yours! Okay ladies. Your man may or may not ask for it, but it´s exactly what he wants. It´s often his hidden, secret desire that you perform oral sex on him. Maybe´s his asked a time or two, but when that didn´t work he just stopped asking. Maybe he´s one of the lucky ones and you give in from time to time. But if you really want to make your man feel manly, confident, and wanted you´ll fulfill this secret little dream of his. And he´s going to be blown away when you give him exactly what he wants in a way that brings him intense pleasure. After you listen to this book you´ll have the confidence it takes to ensure a good time for the both of you...and your man will wonder what got into you. (And he´ll love you for it!) Gain Confidence Within this audiobook are loads of skills for satisfying your man along with tips on how to have a little fun for yourself along the way. You´ll learn how you can take charge in the bed, entering the bedroom with full confidence 1. Language: English. Narrator: Lia Langola. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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