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Detox: 30 Day Banana Detox, The Ultimate Cleans...
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Look no further, the most efficient detox is now here. Have you always wanted to try and detox your body? Maybe you have already tried one but found it much too difficult to stick to? Perhaps you were wondering if a weight loss detox is right for you. Look no further, the 30 Day Banana Detox makes it easy for you to reach those targets, whatever they may be. Includes recipes If you feel that you have less and less energy to concentrate on daily tasks and seek a change which will help you feel much better, then grab some of those wonderful yellow fruits today. If you are looking to engage in steady weight loss and transform your body completely, then this book is for you. If you want to feel better about the way you look and feel, The 30 Day Banana Detox is just what you need. This is different to other detox books - it is instead carefully structured to help you reduce the toxic load that is stopping you from reaching your weight loss goals. 30 days is all it takes We all know how difficult a detox program can be. If you are left feeling hungry and unmotivated don´t worry, this book will help you. Bananas have the power to suppress food cravings, making it the perfect choice for your personal weight losing detox. Discover: The many secrets of this little known detox cleanse How to make sure that your detox works How to prepare yourself for the Banana Detox Identifying which type of banana will work best Why bananas are the best fruit for a cleanse Comprehensively understand each stage of the detoxing process 1. Language: English. Narrator: Dave Wright. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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